Case Studies.

Targeted Customer Profiles

Email list segmentation also leads to higher open and click-through rates due to the personalized nature of targeting only those who are primed to receive a brand’s message.

The Business of B2B Email

Capturing reader attention is a primary struggle when creating an email campaign that will stand out, get opens, click-throughs and finally convert.

Forging a Future in Franchise Marketing

By using simple opt-in capabilities and a centralized corporate control, U-Save now has an impressive rate of adoption for marketing campaigns and enjoys email open rates nearly double the average, making a real difference for their franchisees.

Targeted Email Marketing: A Success Story

By applying this three-step approach and audience targeting with the Prospect Finder, our email specialists were able to double open and click through rates for our client, a Dallas-based luxury appliance reseller. Download the case study to get the inside scoop!

Case Study: Motorists Life Insurance Company

“The Distribion platform is always on the back of my mind, the number of things it does is seemingly endless.” – Jamie Kibler, AVP of Sales

Motorists Life Insurance Co. is a member of The Motorists Insurance Group. Motorists Life writes life insurance policies through a network of more than 4,700 independent agents in 16 US states. It currently has a portfolio of over $6 Billion worth of policies.