Analytics and Insights.

Go beyond reports with customizable insights that fit the Distributed Marketing model.
Insights for Everyone.

When it comes to the effectiveness of marketing activities in your organization, everyone is a stakeholder. With our platform, you can track campaign effectiveness per user, partner, region and more. Aggregate statistics to form a new perspective on your brand’s effectiveness through your partners and channels, allowing you to make adjustments quickly and capitalize on an opportunity.

Create Transparency.
Distributed marketing programs can become more cumbersome as they gain adoption. A campaign utilized by a handful of sellers can quickly catch fire, creating a complicated web of corporate marketers, partners, channels and brand advocates. Support your network with the Distributed Marketing Platform’s analytics capabilities, allowing you to quickly slice and dice your data across the different segments that define your business.
Grow Platform Adoption.
Organizations use hundreds of software platforms without ever gaining an understanding as to how they work. The Distributed Marketing Platform allows you to cross-reference user and collateral data to gain insights into which marketing assets are being utilized, by user and partner and to what level of success. Create a lean, mean marketing machine, using insights reporting to help elevate successful marketing collateral over the assets that are ready to be retired.