Channel and Partner Management.
Enable your partners and channels to scale their marketing activities effortlessly with the Distributed Marketing Platform’s channel management capabilities.
Flexible Deployment Options.
Our Distributed Marketing Platform allows you to deploy marketing campaigns in several different ways, ensuring you cover all your partner marketing needs. Store campaigns for your partners to execute through the Marketing Asset Manager in a self-service fashion. Or provide partner support programs by sending campaigns on behalf of them, using their persona and prospects.
Automated Marketing Programs.
Create robust, cross-channel campaigns that your partners can enroll in, all with the same personalization and customization capabilities that set the Distributed Marketing Platform above the rest. Partners can search for and opt-in to automated programs through the platform’s Marketing Asset Manager, and in a matter of seconds, enroll in one or many triggered programs. These programs will look for the right signals to trigger automated one-to-one messaging, enabling a real “set it and forget it” experience.
Spend Management.
Ignite your partner relationships with the help of co-marketing budgets and market development funds. Set rules to allocate funds through your channels and create checkpoints to ensure efficient use of your marketing spend. Automate fund collection through various payment forms, including credit card, invoicing, cost center allocation and more. Transform your marketing technology investment into a profit center for your organization.