Our solution focuses on the distributed, multi-channel marketing model, which is applicable in numerous industries. The distributed marketing model is a business model where a corporation with one or more brands sells its products and services through a network of regional or local channels.

Finance and Insurance

We help finance and insurance companies streamline the delivery and execution of campaigns across communication channels while utilizing permissions and workflows to maintain brand control as well as lock-down required legal disclaimers when needed.


Franchises have used our solution to empower their local stores through corporate branded digital marketing. The platform allows franchisees to craft custom messages without sacrificing the brand. The embedded storefront also makes ordering and rotating menus a breeze.

Mortgage and Lending

Our Mortgage and Lending clients find the value in Distribion through the remote services the platform offers. Loan officers, scattered all over the globe, can access the platform to send and schedule email, opt-in to corporate drip campaigns, post to their social media and order personalized client gifts.

Direct Selling

We help our direct sales customers empower their local consultants to market themselves through customizable digital communication to their clients. Corporate marketing can also allocate budget to their consultants for purchasing branded print and promo items.


We have created custom solutions for our Technology partners, such as a support ticketing system. Our system is designed with access control and email delivery in mind, allowing them to service their global clients 24/7.

Travel and Hospitality

Our Hospitality and Travel customers utilize our platform to simplify the marketing process that is required to support a global network of properties and re-sellers. We help them put sales enablement tools directly into the hands of local agents without having to sacrifice their brand.