Content Management.

Get content to market faster, optimize compliance and automatically personalize your content, all while reducing overhead and creating transparency.

Centralized Collateral Management.
Content organization and distribution is one of the most daunting tasks you’ll face today. Store, organize, tag and permission content across multiple distribution channels while eliminating unnecessary template redundancy and overhead. The platform enables you to find what you need quickly, giving you back your time to do what you do best.


Reduction in compliance review

Brand and Compliance Control.
When you’re servicing large-scale enterprises, finding the right balance between flexibility and chaos is critical. There is a consistent struggle between providing timely and relevant content (that is also brand compliant) without having to review each item. Our compliance engine offers individual, team and role-based rules around user customization but helps you set limits to maintain compliance. Any changes made outside of those limits would then require users to go through further review and approval.

Condensed Template Library.

We see your struggle daily – businesses evolve, content needs enhancement and marketing operates within a perpetual state of change. It requires an ever-growing amount of resources to push out social posts consistently, execute email campaigns, produce and print collateral, maintain revolving website content and more. Our brands have seen up to a 90% reduction in collateral management overhead. In using the systems variable content capabilities, you can create rules across all channels to dynamically assemble personalized collateral based on the sender, the recipient and a compliant message strategy.
Open APIs and Data Integration.

Effective marketing requires data and lots of it. Data could include sellers, customers, products, events or pricing. The list is endless, and it’s always changing.

Activate your proprietary data sets through your marketing channels. Funnel all of your supporting data into our Distributed Marketing Platform through our open APIs, which help create real-time experiences for your customers that show them you understand their needs.