The One 2017 New Year’s Marketing Resolution You Must Keep

It’s a month into the New Year already! Did you know that you could have been maximizing your branded communications with a marketing automation platform this whole time? This year, make sure that the one new year’s resolution you keep is to maximize your brand message with a robust marketing automation platform.

Here are some helpful tools your marketing automation platform needs to make your resolution a success:

Widen Your Reach

On Behalf Of Marketing allows for corporate marketers to deploy customized emails and social media posts for their local agents. Expand and deepen relationships across the top social platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) with integrated campaign scheduling and detailed tracking reports.

Communicate in a New Way

Bid book and flip books convert your print materials into powerful interactive marketing collateral. Easily distribute your personalized bid books and brochures through a number of digital marketing channels.

Maintain a Consistent Message

Approval workflows and approval routing ensure that marketing collateral is approved by the right personnel in your organization, safeguarding brand consistency and compliance.

Ensure Message Deliverability

There are large benefits to using dedicated IP addresses or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) servers. Since you won’t be sharing the same IP with other users, their actions won’t reflect poorly on your business’s reputation, and you won’t have to worry about your IP being blacklisted because of problems caused by other users.

Sharing your IP with a site that engages in spamming will not only tarnish your reputation, but it can negatively influence your search engine rankings too. Having a dedicated server is also important for eCommerce businesses that process credit card payments which require SSL for this purpose.

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Marketing automation is an invaluable tool to increase marketing efficiencies and achieve better results. With the right marketing automation platform, these tools should be at your fingertips. By using these tools and a helpful platform, you are sure to reach more customers, maximize your marketing message and achieve your New Year’s resolution!

What are your marketing resolutions this year and how will you reach them?

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