Increasing Traffic to Your Content

by | Nov 12, 2020 | Blog, Content Marketing | 0 comments

The worst-kept secret in online marketing today is a simple fact: without good content, brands and their marketing efforts wither on the vine. “Content,” a vague catch-all term that seems like it’s been a buzzword since time began, refers to many different things. It might be a blog post with some helpful how-to tips, or it might be a press release about a charity drive. It could be an explainer video that walks users through using your product, or a listicle with fun facts.

As the cornerstone of today’s marketing efforts, content is key to your success — but it does you no good if no one looks at it all. If your traffic numbers aren’t ideal, what can you do to drive them higher? Check out these quick tips on what you should think about to boost traffic.

1. Improve the Quality of Your Content

Could you find yourself lacking in visitors because your content simply isn’t good enough? It’s possible. Farming content out to inexperienced writers that don’t understand your industry or brand voice is a quick way to disconnect your content from your content strategy. Think about what your ideal readers would benefit from and consider what you would want to see if you were in their shoes. Producing quality content is the first and most vital key to creating traffic.

2. Invest in Guest Posting

If you only ever post content on your own channels, you artificially limit the reach of your posts and videos. Even with excellent SEO and cross-linking, you won’t capitalize on the full potential of your content this way. Guest posting on other websites known for high-quality content is the way to go. Not only is this a form of content in its own right, but author bios and links back to your channels will bring in fresh traffic from new sources.

3. Leverage Your Other Social Channels, Such As Email

Social media is a critical part of any effort. Still, it isn’t the only way to reach your audience. Continue cultivating mailing lists, and funnel some of your content creation efforts into engaging emails. These direct outreach opportunities require less effort to maintain once you’ve set up the infrastructure and provide a small but steady stream of newcomers.

4. Hold Something Back for Readers

If you give away the best parts of your content in a preview, you aren’t creating more opportunities for clicks — you’re giving readers no reason to continue. Why click through if everything interesting is in the preview? Learn how to create content that promotes your efforts. What you say on Facebook or Instagram in a small preview before your link and call to action has a significant impact on how much interest others will take.

Driving New Traffic Isn’t Easy — But It Is Worthwhile

Don’t expect instant results but do keep a close eye on your performance metrics to ensure that your efforts don’t go to waste. It takes time for any changes in your strategy to manifest as gains or losses in traffic. With the appropriate actions, you can boost your numbers and put more interested eyes on your content. Ultimately, that will mean more quality engagements, more interest, and a better reputation for your brand. Take a step back to re-evaluate what you’re doing to create traffic to your content today.