5 digital marketing tools marketers are thankful for

Get your comfortable pants because Thanksgiving has arrived.

Yes, this weekend can be chaotic for shoppers brave enough to fight the urge to hit the snooze button and decide to battle it out for Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals. As a marketer you have already prepped your holiday marketing strategy and are ready to prep your holiday fixins before the first of your guests arrive.

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on the past year and give gratitude where it is due. I’ve surveyed Distribion’s team of marketing experts and found five things every marketer can be thankful for this year. If you haven’t started using this list of digital tools, maybe you can in 2017!

1. Marketing Analytics

Analytics and reporting is how marketing pros worldwide determine the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. Google Analytics allows your brand the proper insight so that you can think big, set campaign goals and measure results to take action in the future.

2. Social Media Dashboards

Managing social media accounts manually is not an effective way to reach your audience. Without a social media dashboard, marketers would have to find content, share and schedule by logging into multiple platforms and then track engagement through each of the various networking sites. We use Sprout Social , but two other helpful management tools are Hootsuite and Buffer.

3. Responsive Email Capabilities

Having a responsive email marketing template is a must for all campaigns. As marketers who incorporate email into the multi-channel marketing mix, we are thankful that Google recognizes responsive email design across its suite of mobile email apps.

4. Creative Suite Enhancements

Thanks for being a pal, Creative Suite. Adobe Creative Suite enables designers to work in two programs at once to maximize workflow. We appreciate the ability to multi-task whenever we can.

If Adobe Creative Suite is not a part of your 2017 marketing budget, there are some more affordable online, less robust, options. A few that make our list include: Easel.ly , Piktochart , Visme and Canva.

5. Marketing Automation

We automate just about everything, and it makes our lives so much better. Why not use automation tools to help support your marketing strategy? We certainly do, and it has helped us create customized campaigns with multiple touch points that nurture and guide our audience to our campaign goal.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the savvy marketers out there! Share what you’re thankful for in the comments below or with us on Twitter!


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Alex Navarro comes to Distribion with a background in developing and executing national brand awareness campaigns. His passion is creating personalized marketing strategies and watching them come to life. Alex studied advertising and marketing at Pepperdine University and has enjoyed working in the field ever since. He also loves meeting new people – connect with him on LinkedIn or Twitter.