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We are pleased to announce that Distribion has been selected as a finalist for the 2017 Killer Content Awards for our work on our latest ebook, Reply All. The winning finalists will be presented during the 2017 B2B Marketing Exchange in late February.

The award is set to identify key content marketing campaigns that, according to the Killer Content Awards team, “veer away from broad brand and product messaging in favor of buyer-focused messaging and interactive, inbound campaigns.”  

The Reply All ebook, a three-part series released over two months, is a true case for repurposing content. One ebook was able to provide marketing content for over forty pieces across seven mediums and is still delivering measurable return on investment long after its publication. The copywriting, research and concept for Reply All was used in various formats including video, multi-touch nurturing, short-form and buyer-focused sales enablement resources, interactive PDF development, agency partnerships, customer lifecycle initiatives and bundled content.

Our goal was to establish and deliver valuable marketing insights through thought leadership to help brands improve their business, increase efficiencies and maximize profits. And as a prominent source of marketing news and know-how, we are thrilled to share the spotlight with past Killer Content Finalists and Fortune 1000 enterprise organizations including LinkedIn, Waste Management, Dell and American Express.

The Masterminds

The Reply All campaign was undoubtedly a team effort. The campaign development alone spanned across three departments and various experts in multiple partner brands. Reply All was a common centerpiece of conversation in weekly meetings and happy hours alike. Although we would like to point out two key masterminds, a finalist recognition is a huge win for the entire marketing team and a testament that our efforts are consistent with our goal to deliver valuable marketing intelligence to brands far and wide.

Under the guise of our Visual Marketing Specialist, Clarissa Nash, the books were designed with a twist on the Distribion brand, creating a unique aesthetic for the nearly 100-page book. Using design to connect brands to people is what Clarissa does best. With seven years experience, she has a diverse background in print, web, and digital design. A native Texan, her staples include Tex-Mex and sweet tea. She hopes to own two elephants (and one Finny) in the future.

Alex Navarro, Senior Content Marketing Strategist, researched, wrote and dreamt about the campaign from when it was just an idea to when the ebook became one of the most downloaded pieces of content in Distribion’s history. Alex Navarro came to Distribion with a background in developing and executing national brand awareness campaigns. His passion is creating personalized marketing strategies and watching them come to life, just as the Reply All campaign did.

To learn more about this content marketing campaign or to chat with the masterminds, email