Webinars & seminars are a very effective means for companies to acquire, retain and cross sell. Also, they can educate agents & channel partners. Unfortunately, in industries where distributed marketing models are commonly found, webinars & seminars have not been used to their fullest potential.

Distributed marketing management software is a crucial component in achieving success webinars & seminars. What are some of the end results of using the software?


  • Better customer acquisition: More qualified sales leads

  • Better retention: Keep more of your existing customers

  • Better ability to cross-sell: Increase revenue by selling complementary products

  • Better agent & channel partner support: Knowledge = Power.

These are all very desirable results. The majority of businesses desire to increase the customer base and market share. It is quite difficult to do that without qualified sales leads coming into the sales pipeline. Retention is a factor that makes lives easier for both sales & marketing departments. Better retention can enable sales & marketing goals to seem like less of a burden. Keeping customers happy and staying with a brand is often easier than acquiring new customers. Retention is not something that happens without effort, and certainly a webinar or seminar can be a part of retention efforts. Cross selling is important as well. If complementary products can be sold to existing customers, revenue increases. When revenue increases, financial statements often look better. They look better 100% of the time when revenue increases are accompanied by lower costs.

Finally, education matters. Achieving better agent & channel partner support can create improved outcomes. Agents and channel partners are key parts of distributed marketing organizations, and when agents & channel partners are properly educated on how to optimize their own sales performances, they are empowered. Knowledge = Power.

Distributed marketing management software has many uses. Optimizing the webinar and seminar delivery process is a valuable use of the software, resulting in lower costs as efficiency is increased and more qualified sales leads.