4 Top Strategies to Drive Revenue and Cut Costs

by | May 9, 2012 | Company News, Press Releases | 0 comments


If you’re like most marketers, chances are you have a clear mandate to drive more revenue while lowering your cost per lead. How do you do that? Sure, everyone knows that online marketing (social, email, digital, search, content) can be less expensive than traditional marketing communications channels, but online marketing costs are rising, too.

But top performing marketers have found four strategies that are helping them meet the challenge, and a distributed marketing best practices webinar earlier today offered insights into how they’re doing it.

The four strategies covered at length in Distribion’s Distributed Marketing’s Best Practices webinar today included:

  • Empowering local producers via “glocalization”
  • Closed-loop measurement and reporting
  • Harnessing technology to save time and money
  • Marketing on behalf of channel partners or sales agents

Glocalization — a hot buzz word for marketers based on the Japanese idea of taking a global concept and localizing it — can mean different things in different industries. Typically, for marketers, it means supporting local branches or sales agents with marketing that is customized and personalized, while maintaining brand and regulatory compliance. Marketing automation solutions that use rules and profiles to manage compliance are a significant help to distributed marketing organizations trying to “glocalize” content, especially in regulated industries.

Presenter David Potter reminded attendees that while online marketing is the focus for an increasing portion of multi-channel marketing communications spending, it’s important not to overlook traditional marketing methods such as print, email, and co-op spending to support the sales channel.

In addition, the session offered new research from leading analysts, and provides links to the underlying data the top performing brands are using to succeed. The recording of the entire webinar is now online here, and the presentation deck is available for download by clicking here. (Both are free, but registration is required.)

About Distribion

Distribion’s web-based marketing solution is the only proven multi-channel marketing automation and sales enablement solution built for distributed marketing organizations in regulated industries. Distribion’s unique mix of products and services connect corporate marketing organizations with regional and local branches, channel partners, and individual sales representatives.

Distribion streamlines the process of delivering and executing campaigns across communication channels: email, social media, print, direct mail, newsletters, microsites, presentations, forms & surveys, rich media, search engine marketing, and mobile. The company’s unique sales kit generation and presentation tools offer the only easy-to-use way for local sales people to generate personalized sales kits and presentations on the fly, by assembling compliant, pre-approved corporate marketing assets into customized presentations, proposals, or capabilities summaries.

Some of the nation’s best-known brands use Distribion’s on-demand, multi-channel marketing platform, methodologies, and services to gain a competitive edge and sell more. Distribion is proud to be a 2012 Strategic Partner of LIMRA, the leading global insurance marketing and research association. To learn more, visit Distribion online at www.distribion.staging.wpengine.com.