Aplifi and Distribion Announce Strategic Partnership

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DALLAS, TX – January 30, 2012 — Distribion, a leading provider of web-based multi-channel marketing automation solutions for the financial and insurance industry, and Aplifi, which simplifies insurance sales with eApplications for life and annuity, and ePolicy delivery and a core product eCRM solutions, that help insurance marketers write more policies, are joining forces to bring Distribion’s multi-channel distributed marketing automation solution to all levels of the distributed sales force for the insurance industry.

The strategic partnership between Aplifi and Distribion is now able to deliver the industry’s first proven multi-channel marketing automation solution designed to meet the needs of insurance carriers, managing Brokerage General Agencies (BGAs) and producers. The two companies will be showing their solution for MGAs and BGAs for the first time at the LIMRA Distribution Conference, February 22-24, at the Sawgrass Marriott in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL.

According to Edgar Rodriguez, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Distribion, the partnership is the perfect extension of the solutions each company has been offering separately within the insurance industry. “Aplifi has some great products, including a campaign management tool, and when you add our tools for email, social media, print, lead management, compliance management, sales kits and proposals, presentations, training & education center and robust reporting and analytics to their tools, you will know have a system that delivers results without introducing extra hassles or layers of complexity.”

Roy Goodart, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Aplifi, said, “Every general agency is struggling to sell more policies while managing the increasingly complex compliance and training issues that come with representing multiple carriers. The combination of our award-winning products and the Distribion Distributed Marketing Platform (DMP) can be a real ‘secret weapon’ for the carrier , general agency and producer in the field.”

Special pricing and offers for the new system will be unveiled at the LIMRA Distribution conference next month, but demos and a free trial program for current Aplifi customers and LIMRA members are immediately available. For more information, visit the Aplifi website today.

About Distribion

Distribion’s web-based marketing solution is the only proven multi-channel marketing automation and sales enablement solution built for distributed marketing organizations in regulated industries.

Distribion’s unique mix of products and services connect corporate marketing organizations with regional and local branches, channel partners, and individual sales representatives.

Distribion streamlines the process of delivering and executing campaigns across communication channels: email, social media, print, direct mail, newsletters, microsites, presentations, forms & surveys, rich media, search engine marketing, and mobile. The company’s unique sales kit generation and presentation tools offer the only easy-to-use way for local sales people to generate personalized sales kits and presentations on the fly, by assembling compliant, pre-approved corporate marketing assets into customized presentations, proposals, or capabilities summaries.

Some of the nation’s best-known brands use Distribion’s on-demand, multi-channel marketing platform, methodologies, and services to gain a competitive edge and sell more. To learn more, watch a short video, download a PDF on common challenges in the insurance industry, or visit our website.

About Aplifi

Aplifi (www.aplifi.com), based in Pompano Beach, Florida, is a leading technology provider that focuses on the life insurance and financial services markets. Aplifi offers solutions that facilitate more insurance transactions that are compliant and “In Good Order,” driving increased business. Its suite of flexible and easy to use platforms include AFFIRM for Life, AFFIRM for Annuity, InsureSocket CRM, I-Relay CRM, and PolicyBox. “We Simplify Selling Insurance!”