Best-in-Class Distributed Marketing Management

by | Mar 19, 2012 | Best Practices, Blog, Blog Archive, Industry News | 0 comments

We are partnering with the Aberdeen Group on an important new survey on distributed marketing management.  Individuals who take the 20-minute survey will receive a complimentary copy of the $399 research report on empowering local marketing through distributed marketing best practices when it is published.  Individual responses are kept strictly confidential, and data is used only in the aggregate.

The survey is open to corporate and field marketing professionals who work in a distributed marketing environment (where strategy and creative is managed centrally, but campaigns are executed at both the national and local level).  To participate, click on this link.

Distributed marketing management requires the right approach to the market that remains responsive to local concerns while ensuring brand, data and regulatory consistency.

Aberdeen’s Distributed Marketing Management survey will help companies determine the Best-in-Class practices in empowering local marketing efforts with compelling, yet consistent messaging, all while complying with both corporate and local regulation and data requirements. If your company is planning on implementing a distributed marketing management solution, or is simply evaluating the potential benefits, your feedback on the survey would be most helpful.

By participating in this brief survey, you will be able to see how your experiences in managing distributed marketing as part of comprehensive lead management system compare with those of your peers, benchmark your performance, and see how you can achieve “Best-in-Class” results.