Best Practices: Email Subject Lines (Why Testing Isn’t Optional)

by | Oct 19, 2011 | White Papers | 0 comments


The way people handle email is changing – and email marketing professionals are struggling to keep up with the changes. Still, in July 2011, 95% of the marketing executives surveyed by The Distributed Marketing blog rated email marketing “somewhat” or “very” effective in delivering results – far more than any other marketing communications channel.

At the same time, everyone involved in email marketing acknowledges that the effectiveness of an email campaign is easier to measure – and harder to achieve – than ever before. Subject lines are especially important, because they often determine whether a message is deleted or opened.

Unfortunately, while everyone agrees that creating great email subject lines is one of the marketing best practices that we should all master, there’s very little agreement on much else. A Google or Bing search for “marketing best practices for email subject lines” will turn up almost as many different opinions as it does resources.

Download your copy of a short, easy to implement white paper from email automation leader Distribion.  It’s filled with the current marketing best practices from over 150,000 users who rely on the company’s email automation solution today.  (The key word here is current.  At Distribion, we constantly monitor our own campaigns, testing and retesting, as well as talking to customers who are successfully sending millions of emails every week.)

This document explains how to test email subject lines – and why testing isn’t optional – and includes a handy checklist of 10 things to check before you press send on your next email marketing campaign.  Download your copy today!