What's Your Local Marketing ROI

Today is a big day for us. We are introducing our Local Marketing Automation ROI Calculator, and we know that marketers are going to LOVE this new feature. This innovative tool allows marketing teams to make better business decisions and calculate local marketing ROI to determine how much money can be saved and generated by using a marketing automation platform.


“We developed the ROI calculator to assist businesses with the tedious process of determining how much money, time and energy is being invested in local marketing strategies and going one step further to determine if those strategies are working,” says Tim Storer, CEO and Co-Founder of Distribion. “From industry to industry, marketers have the same goals: increase marketing efficiencies, align sales and brand strategies and engage with customers using consistent messaging approved by corporate marketing teams. This new tool allows marketers to better understand the potential financial return on investment of a local marketing automation solution.”

The Local Marketing ROI Calculator takes a number of factors into account to determine the final numbers including the number of local sales agents, the volume of local and corporate marketing campaigns executed, and the average number of hours required to execute these campaigns. The results are calculated and emailed as a report, which the marketer can then use as the basis to build a business case for marketing automation.

“By introducing this ROI Calculator, we hope that it will enable businesses to take charge of their local marketing efforts and help them understand that by using the right platform, they can fully optimize their department’s marketing resources,” says Mr. Storer.

Try out the Local Marketing Automation ROI Calculator for yourself to determine your savings and potential revenue. You’ll be surprised what a little automation can do!

Once you’ve seen what a marketing automation solution can do for your company, learn how to build a business case to present to your CEO. We wrote it a while back, but it’s still relevant today!