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If you are a mobile marketer, you count on the ability to connect wirelessly while on the move. What was once a rare commodity based on cellular service in the area, mobile internet has become much more convenient to access through public WIFI.

But can you trust public WIFI?

We’ve all been there. You’re at the airport, have some time to kill and want to get some work done or check in on your latest social media marketing campaigns. It’s a good thing there’s free airport WIFI, right? Wrong. The majority of public WIFI hotspots don’t encrypt the data shared and received at an appropriate level of security. So think twice when you enter your bank account numbers while logged onto the public network. That’s one habit 12.6 million consumers would have liked to adopt prior to falling victim to hackers using public WIFI for identity fraud in 2013.

Protect Yourself

Even if the WIFI has a password, once you’re on the network, it is easy for hackers to access your personal information. As a mobile marketer, we should be able to encourage consumers to use their devices anywhere, and it’s important to share ways to protect WIFI users from hackers. If you need to login to the public hotspot, has come up with a few helpful tips every mobile marketer should know.

First, turn off sharing. Sharing may be great on your home network to view files and folders on multiple devices or print something out from another room. When you are away; however, it’s best to shut it off. Here’s how. While you’re at it, go ahead and make sure your operating system’s firewall is updated. The firewall is a good way to block unwanted guests but can still be hacked, so it is best to combine this with only visiting websites that are HTTPs. Website servers like Facebook and Gmail both use encrypted HTTPs exchange to pass data between your computer, phone or tablet and the web server.


Just about every place has WIFI today. Starbucks, London Cabs, and even the Virgin Galactic Space Shuttles will soon come equipped with WIFI…from space! Distribion’s Automated Campaign Scheduling gives you the option to create and program corporate marketing initiatives from the security of your personal WIFI at work or home and publish the pre-approved email and social media campaigns before you go – all while never having to log onto a public WIFI. But if all else fails, we suggest only turning on the WIFI when using the internet. So remember to turn off the WIFI when you’re finished stalking your friends on Facebook.



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Alex Navarro is a California-native who currently lives in Dallas, Texas with his fantastic wife. In the past, he’s been responsible for creating, developing and executing national brand awareness campaigns and has enjoyed developing personalized marketing and promotional plans. Alex studied advertising and marketing at Pepperdine University and has enjoyed working in the field ever since. He also loves meeting new people – connect with him on LinkedIn orTwitter.