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Simplifying Complex Marketing Challenges Across the Enterprise

Many marketing automation solutions are built for the corporate marketer only – single-channel business models who need to manage their corporate email and social media marketing to promote a specific product or service. These platforms are a great choice for the department marketer looking to streamline his or her processes and access marketing materials in one spot.

But the tale of a corporate insurance marketer is very different. This marketer also wants to streamline processes within one platform but also as a large network of independent agents or producers who need personalized sales and marketing materials while maintaining brand consistency and legal compliance. This is where a distributed marketing automation platform comes in.

Adding “Distributed” to “Marketing Automation”

This type of powerful marketing and sales enablement tool give corporate staff the control they need to manage brand and regulatory compliance, but provides local agents the flexibility to customize and choose the campaign and message that will work best for the insurance marketing task at hand.

Regardless of how geographically dispersed or large your organization is, this type of distributed-model marketing automation platform will streamline marketing channels, leverage key vendors, store updated collateral, secure digital assets and support each step in the marketing process for you and your local agents.

The Benefits

  • Controlled, permission and profile-based access — users see only material they can use, and can change or modify only the sections you specify.
  • Simplified brand, regulatory and quality compliance control — if a change is made to an email template or piece of collateral at corporate, it’s instantly updated within the system, so materials are always up to date.
  • Streamlined approval processes — you can mandate required reviews for some kinds of messages, and rest assured that the system won’t send the message until it’s been approved.
  • Targeted, managed direct marketing executed at the local or corporate level — corporate creates the campaigns, local sales chooses the message, communications channel, and distribution list, and it’s all managed and tracked in real time, whether it’s a printed piece for a single prospect, a sales kit or presentation for a few key customers, an email campaign to thousands of prospects, a microsite for a new producer, or a large direct mail campaign.
  • Scheduled email marketing for a regulated environment — profiles and rules ensure that every message includes the right disclaimers and regulatory messages, and local producers get great email templates that make it easy to select a campaign bundle and schedule a complete multi-part campaign with a few clicks.
  • Closed-loop tracking and reporting — an on-demand dashboard shows exactly what parts of each message resonate with the recipient, so you can build upon best practices and refine existing approaches based on actual results and ROI.
  • Proven training and certification tools — the education center provides web-based training, testing, and certification, so producers can access product, corporate or industry training materials from any connected device, with automatic scoring and reporting so you always know who has the required certification.

The Results

With the a distributed marketing automation solution, you can increase marketing efficiencies to your network of agents by 20-40% by offering leveraged insurance marketing strategies and campaigns. Equally important, you’ll reduce compliance costs, and write more new policies. Ready to learn more? Talk to one of our experts to see if this type of platform is right for your business.