Customer Experience Marketing: Solving Painful Problems

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At the PIMA Mid-Year Conference in Colorado Springs last week, a panel of marketing experts took the stage to talk about solving some of the most painful problems in multi-channel marketing.  In the hour-long session, the quartet of speakers focused on five major pain points common in distributed multichannel marketing organizations.

  1. Managing channel silos efficiently online or offline, inbound or outbound, corporate and local.
  2. Building or recruiting expertise as channels keep proliferating, and the increasing complexity requires new skills that many marketers simply don’t have.
  3. Determining ROI with some of the newer channels — what is a Facebook fan really worth?
  4. Synchronizing multiple channels across a national or global organization.
  5. Tracking and reporting across multichannel campaigns, to arrive at a single ROMI.

    Marketing panelists Edgar Rodriguez, Deb Gustafson, Jill Simme, and Bill Tyson at the PIMA Mid-Year Conference.

    Deb Gustafson, Vice President of Market Management at Epsilon Targeting, looked at the customer experience of a life insurance buyer who had seven different marketing interactions with the company before he became a qualified prospect.  “This customer, Mark, had a series of unique member experiences that helped him make the decisions he made as he moved through the purchasing process,” she pointed out.

“These experiences were achieved through the execution on a targeted multichannel strategy, with technology enabled real-time decisioning and interaction to create loyalty across the local branch, parent company, and designated partner networks.  The end result of this coordinated marketing effort is even greater market share across the lifespan of a consume rand the household.”
Other panelists included Edgar Rodriguez, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Distribion, Jill Simme, account supervisor at SKM Group, and Bill Tyson, CEO of Strategic Marketing Plus.  The key takeaways from the panel were:
  • The sales funnel has become a customer life cycle.  Corporate marketing can’t take it for granted that a customer will move through any set “funnel” towards a buying decision — in today’s world of empowered consumers, marketers have to focus on interactivity that drives engagement.
  • The three “C’s” — choice, consistency, and continuity — are vital at every stage of the customer life cycle.
  • All customer interactions must be measured.  Marketers should be measuring campaigns by segmenting internal and external data.  Targeting, frequency, and consistent messaging across multiple channels control success. 

For a copy of the short presentation used during the PIMA panel, click here.

Photo credit:  Mike Wise, WebWisedom.   Graphic credit:  Deb Gustafson, Epsilon Targeting.