Distribion Announces Exciting Feature Updates to Marketing Platform

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New Platform Update streamlines marketing efficiencies

Dallas, TX – September 19th, 2016 – Distribion recently announced new feature updates to their distributed marketing automation platform, a comprehensive suite of automation services that enables marketers to better manage their omni-channel strategy across multiple channels.

The latest platform update brings a slew of new features to clients in industries such as lending, finance, insurance, retail, franchise and more. The next generation of the Distributed Marketing Platform is officially here! It is faster than ever and feature rich.. Key updates include a Drag and Drop email feature that makes it easy to rearrange, duplicate and remove sections of an email with just one click, giving administrators more flexibility in template design and users more options to customize emails for their individual needs.

Product Grouping is ideal for PDFs, assets and promotional products that come in different colors or sizes. Product Groups allow administrators a better way to organize their marketing material for a streamlined user experience; administrators simply build the group from existing products or collateral, and the user can quickly choose their preference from a drop-down menu.

The new Marketing Asset Manager makes it easier for users to access and find sales and marketing collateral with its fully responsive interface, faster search and display speed, along with added category search options and a new favorites button.

Distribion’s updated marketing automation platform focuses on simplifying multi-channel marketing for both corporate marketing departments and individual users, which can be a complicated process for brands that develop corporate marketing messages for local sales teams.

Contact us to learn how Distribion’s Distributed Marketing Platform can simplify multi-channel marketing for your brand and learn more about the newest features.

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