Distribion & Gryphon Join Forces at LIMRA Annual Conference

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DALLAS, TX — Oct 21, 2011 / (http://www.myprgenie.com) — Distribion, a leading provider of web-based multi-channel marketing automation solutions for the financial and insurance industry, will join with partner Gryphon next week to showcase their industry-leading solutions for insurance and financial service marketers during the LIMRA Annual Conference at the New York Hilton Oct. 23-25.

“The life insurance and annuity marketplace is one of the most complex marketing environments in the world,” says Edgar Rodriguez, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Distribion. “Corporate marketing at the carrier level needs visibility, and message control for compliance and brand management purposes. General agencies, local agencies, and local producers need data, preference engines to manage the do not call process, and an easy way to customize and localize campaigns for one or many local prospects — while protecting their own contacts and leads.

“The solution we’ll be talking about at this conference is the industry’s first closed loop system that protects every link in the distributed marketing chain while adding measurable value to each level in the marketing and sales organization. Corporate gets visibility into the high level data it needs (campaign types, click thru rates, demographic, etc.) to refine campaigns for improved local multi-channel marketing performance, and local producers get a complete system that lets them deliver the right message to the right prospect, through the right channel with just a few clicks.”

The Distribion Distributed Marketing Platform (DMP) is permission based, empowering over 150,000 users in 125 companies to deliver millions of marketing messages each week through the platform without fear of brand or regulatory compliance problems.

About Distribion

Distribion (www.distribion.staging.wpengine.com) is a leading provider of web-based solutions for streamlined, centralized management of marketing communications and campaign development that adhere to brand and compliance standards. Distribion’s online system is permission based, empowering local offices with the ability to customize campaigns and collateral within brand and regulatory compliance standards. Campaigns are easily produced, deployed and tracked across marketing channels, eliminating the need for disconnected, single-function solutions. To learn more, watch a short video, download a PDF on common challenges in the insurance industry, or visit our website.

Contact: Deb McAlister-Holland, debh@distribion.com, 214-206-3468