Distribion, Inc. Ranked #4 in Fastest Growing Tech Companies in DFW; Only Distributed Marketing Firm Listed Among Winners

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With a 576% growth rate in a business segment that is projected to reach two billion dollars by the end of 2012, Distribion, Inc., recently placed fourth out of 4,000-area technology companies in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  They were the only firm listed among the winners to represent distributed marketing of any kind.  The Tech Titans Fast Tech Award recognizes the achievements of cutting-edge technology leaders whose ideas have elevated technology in North Texas.

Distribion’s proprietary Distributed Marketing Platform, an on-demand, web-based marketing portal that meets the distributed marketing demand for businesses, is a key factor in the unprecedented growth experienced by the company.  However, the introduction of the Distribion Quick Start Program has proven to be a telling growth factor.

According to Tim Storer, CEO of Distribion, “By providing potential clients the opportunity to enter the platform, upload their branding, send campaigns, analyze them, and fully engage with the entire process, helps them to assess the experience and define a solid business case for distributed marketing that is impossible to turn down.”

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Distributed Marketing Automation Software Provider, Distribion®, Earns #4 Ranking in the Fastest Growing Technology Companies in Dallas-Fort Worth