Distribion, Inc. Releases Distributed Social Marketing Software Pilot Program For Companies Seeking to Implement a Social Media Automation Publishing Process

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Originally published on PR Web October 17, 2012

Dallas, Texas (October 17, 2012)—Distribion, Inc., a leading provider of multi-channel distributed marketing automation software, recently announced that it has released a pilot program for distributed social marketing as part of their multi-channel distributed marketing automation platform. According to executives at Distribion, more than 65% of marketers are planning to integrate social media into their marketing campaigns. Their pilot program combats the numerous barriers that have restricted many large corporations from jumping on the social media bandwagon, including time commitment, training, the inability to produce relevant content, and company policies addressing compliance concerns.

Properly addressing these challenges within large enterprises, consisting of thousands of employees and now potential social media users, can take a significant amount of time, energy and effort. These challenges are further amplified for an enterprise that leverages a local marketing and sales strategy consisting of quasi-independent agents, brokers, franchisees or partners that the enterprise doesn’t control entirely.

To overcome these challenges, organizations are beginning to leverage a new concept known as Distributed Social Marketing, where corporate marketers utilize specialized online social media automation software to manage the entire social media publishing process throughout the organization.

According to Tim Storer, CEO of Distribion, “A true distributed marketing platform will incorporate a distributed social marketing software that allows corporate marketing to control the messages, but provides the ease and flexibility for everyone under the umbrella to participate in the social media process.”

The platform allows corporate marketing to publish pre-approved social media campaigns that consist of numerous content posts with links to rich media and other supporting collateral. These posts can be scheduled in designated timed intervals to select social networks and can establish campaign access and customization permissions. Once published, those under the brand umbrella can simply opt-in to a campaign and the specialized software posts the content to the selected sites at these designated time intervals on their behalf, thus automating the entire social media process.

In addition to the social media marketing automation process, Distribion takes the concept one step further by integrating other important components to the marketing process such as direct mail and email that run simultaneously with the social media campaigns.

“Distributed social marketing offers endless benefits to the corporate and local marketer,” states Storer. “It helps retain the integrity of the brand by controlling the content, and provides effective ease of use by leveraging and optimizing the entire process. Along with the social media aspect, when all marketing processes are streamlined and optimized, the organization is able to gain better insight and identify trends that influence future marketing efforts. It creates a win-win for everyone under the brand umbrella.”

For more information, visit the Distribion blog at http://www.distributedmarketing.org.

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Distribion (http://www.distribion.staging.wpengine.com) is a leading provider of web-based, on-demand, multi-channel distributed marketing automation software that allows marketing organizations to more efficiently manage the complex needs of distributed marketing through a single integrated platform. Distribion’s Distributed Marketing Platform (DMP) connects corporate and local marketers within large enterprises through a user-friendly interface that provides branded, pre-configured and approved collateral that can be customized and distributed over multiple channels including email, direct mail, microsites, and social media. Distribion was ranked #4 out of 4,000 area technology companies listed among the fastest growing technology companies in Dallas Fort Worth for 2012.