Distribion Launches New Website

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We are proud to announce that we've powered up a new website!

We are proud to announce that we’ve powered up a new website!

Distribion, the publisher of this blog, recently completed a project to redevelop its main corporate website. The process involved a number of members of the Distribion team, myself included. It was a thorough and extensive process.

As a result of the redevelopment of the website, there is a new look and feel to the Distribion brand and its primary product offering, the Distributed Marketing Platform. Immediately when you visit the home page, you are greeted by a number of banners. Upon visiting, let the main banners rotate through and let us know if you see anything funny. There’s a pleasant surprise waiting.

A new feature of the Home Page is an easier call out of the features of our Platform and Services. This makes content more accessible and user friendly. We’ve made it easier to find ways to Get Started with us, Contact Us and even live chat with us. Everything that we did, we did with the purpose of making the website an easy and pleasant visiting experience.

Beyond a new look and feel, we’ve added substantive content upgrades. The new site provides more information about a number of product features that we did not highlight in the last version of the website. Examples of this would include our new pages on Storefront, Microsites & Landing Pages and Forms & Surveys. Additionally, all of our Platform feature pages feature images from the platform. Seeing images in action from the platform provides a more comprehensive experience of the platform to the website viewer, an integral feature. Our Services pages have additional content, as well as our Industries pages.

Many of the features of the old Distribion site were transferred over to the new site. You’ll see be able to access a variety of resources including videos, white papers, PDFs and other presentations. There’s a stronger call out of our Knowledge Base, a key information portal for our existing customers.

All in all, we’ve redeveloped the site to benefit you, the website viewer. We hope you enjoy our site and find time to interact with our content meaningfully. We look forward to hearing from you. Contact us today!