Ranked #1 in Overall Value by Recent Gleanster Research Benchmark Report on Local Marketing Automation

Distribion is proud to announce that it has been ranked as the Best in Overall Value and Ease of Deployment by Gleanster Research in the recently released “2014 Localized Marketing AutomaDistribion ranked #1 in Ease of Use by Gleanster Research  in 2014 Localized Marketing Automation Gleansight Benchmark Reporttion Gleansight Benchmark Report.”

The Gleansight Benchmark Report investigates local marketing automation technologies as well as the challenges facing corporations looking for a scalable solution. In a ranking of ten local marketing automation platforms based on user feedback, Distribion scored in the “Best” category for “Overall Value,” “Ease of Deployment,” and “Ease of Use.”

“We are honored to be recognized by Gleanster as one of the best local marketing automation solutions in the industry,” says Tim Storer, CEO of Distribion. “Our innovative platform helps national brands easily create, control, measure and promote marketing programs that local sales channels can instantly personalize and distribute to their prospects and customers. This results in campaigns that are highly targeted, perform better and have expanded reach.”

To further explore the function and challenges of personalization in local marketing, Distribion is sponsoring a webinar on Tuesday, August 5th at 12:00pm CST with Ian Michiels, Principal & CEO at Gleanster Research. Michiels will present “The Top 5 Critical Multi-Channel Marketing Personalization Strategies” and address the technology, innovations and systems that will change marketing for national brands supported by a corporate marketing department and a network of local affiliates. Learn more about the upcoming webinar and register to attend here.

Discover more about Distribion’s multi-channel, distributed marketing solution at www.distribion.wpengine.com.

Download the 2014 Localized Marketing Automation Gleansight Benchmark Report.