Distribion Releases Infographic, Creates Solid Case That Analytical “Big Data” Insight Obtained Via a Distributed Marketing Technology is Key to Long-Term Sales Growth

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Originally published on PRNewswire October 03, 2012

Dallas, Texas (October 3, 2012) — Distributed marketing automation leader, Distribion, Inc., just released a new infographic that offers undeniable evidence that analytical insight gained through Big Data is here to stay. Executives stated this week that the growing analytical and technological capability of managing the unprecedented amounts of enterprise data will explode to all new levels within the next several years. “Big Data”, according to Distribion’s CEO, Tim Storer, “will shift businesses from managing and observing ‘data transactions’ to also managing and observing ‘data interactions.'” This unprecedented shift in technology continues to evolve due to rapid advancements in processing power, data storage, and tracking analytics, integrated with newer, robust communication and distribution channels.

Distribion, a firm that specializes in multi-channel distributed marketing technology, states that companies who use a true distributed marketing platform technology to centralize all marketing and brand efforts will be able to fully embrace and accept the technological shifts that will occur with Big Data. Conversely, organizations that do not implement this type of technology will struggle to collect the data points that are necessary to achieve profitable success and will be at competitive disadvantage in the near future.

A Distributed Marketing Platform has the ability to centralize all of an organization’s content, control how that content can be customized, and then provide the ability to distribute that content across all channels including social media, mobile, web, e-mail, direct mail, and more. By having all communications centralized, organizations can drastically improve efficiencies, optimize distribution channels, ensure brand and regulatory compliance, get better insight through a larger aggregated data set, and make more informed decisions.

Distribion’s prediction has clout, as the industry is already witnessing a 40% annual increase in marketing technology spends. Analysts such as Gartner are also projecting that by the end of 2017 the CMO will spend more on technology than the CIO.

Other studies released in the industry corroborate the need to collect and understand analytical insight so that marketing objectives can be met and sales processes improved. A recent survey that was distributed late summer by Lattice Engines states that 89% of executives believe sales reps miss opportunities because they cannot keep up with the information about customers and prospects. The same survey also noted that 90% expect there would be great benefits to sales if insight was automated and delivered through one system. Similarly the majority of participants in the survey who understand Big Data expect it to have a significant impact on sales.

“While Big Data is certainly a buzz word, and is a concept still not yet fully defined or accepted by all marketers, research studies, as well as key analysts, agree that Big Data will certainly define the future for marketers. Marketing organizations have data pouring in from all types of channels, and recent technological advancements allow us to gain meaningful insight into behavioral patterns by collecting and connecting the plethora of data dots that now exists on their prospects and customers,” says Storer. “The formula for success is quite simple: Bigger, Richer Data Sets + Real Time Analytics + Personalized Multi-Channel Marketing = Higher ROI.”

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