Distributed Marketing & Customer Retention: Keeping Quality Customers Around

by | May 29, 2013 | Blog, Blog Archive, Distributed Marketing, Distributed Marketing Software, Marketing Automation, Marketing Software | 0 comments

Keeping quality, existing clients is a good idea for any sort of business.  It is usually a better idea from a cost and revenue management standpoint to keep existing clients with your company. In industries that typically use distributed marketing models, this is even more relevant as field agents can often accumulate a large book of business if they stay around long enough. A fairly common scenario in insurance & financial services companies is the notion of inheriting customers. When a local sales agent retires or leaves the industry, clients of that agent are sent off to other agents within the field sales unit. Some of the clients are vulnerable to leaving depending upon the circumstances that surrounded the departure of the departing agent.

How many organizations have a true, customer retention process in place to manage situations like what was described above, and a host of others?

Retention is an ongoing process. Clients are continually evaluating their relationship to your brand, whether they are fully cognizant of it or not. However, there are little things that a company can do to manage the relationship and try to position themselves best for an ongoing relationship, often expressed through renewals or other sort of longevity metrics.

Data based triggers are one way in which a distributed marketing software program can make a difference in retention. Reminders can be set for policy expiration dates, customer birthday or anniversaries with the company, and also other information that can be used to strengthen existing customer relationships so that the positive experiences with your company remain on their minds as time goes on.

Having a strong retention orientation can make tremendous financial sense for an organization, both at a corporate and a local level. Local level agents who are able to retain more business can help the company achieve its financial goals. At the corporate level, a strong retention orientation can manifest itself in numerous ways. Enhanced brand equity and stronger financial statement outcomes are examples of such manifestations. All in all, a win-win situation.

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