Distributed Marketing Goes Mainstream

by | Feb 28, 2011 | Blog, Blog Archive, Industry News | 0 comments

Keith Dawson, Senior Editor of The CMO Site, published an interesting look at distributed marketing awhile back. If you haven’t read Keith’s article, check it out here.

In the article, he notes that “marketing on demand” – in which a local agent can instantly access, customize and localize corporate marketing assets – is no longer a luxury. It’s becoming a requirement in today’s fast-paced world.

Dawson’s observation that it’s time for any organization with a widely scattered sales and marketing force where individual branches or agents function independently to take a close look at how they manage their distributed marketing programs is compelling.

It’s the same conclusion that our customers have reached — especially those in highly regulated industries like insurance, financial services, and health care. In these industries, there are two critical issues driving the adoption of a comprehensive distributed marketing solution. First, there’s the need to ensure regulatory and brand compliance through a centralized marketing strategy.

Equally important is the need to deliver tailored, personalized messages to the customer or prospect in the medium they are most comfortable in. For some older, high net-worth individuals, that means direct mail. For some, it’s email or social media. And for the millions of younger “digital natives”, it’s a mobile world where smartphones rule.

The mainstream is moving toward distributed marketing for one simple reason: it connects corporate marketing with local agents and consumers, across many channels.