Drawing the Line Between Personal and Professional

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Over the past week, thousands of new readers have visited this blog in response to an article on regulation and compliance in social media.  So The Distributed Marketing Blog is happy to announce a free webinar on July 14 that will help further explore the emerging need to divide personal and professional use of digital and social media.

Individuals led the way into nearly all forms of digital and social media, from email to YouTube, Twitter to Facebook, SecondLife to LinkedIn.  Places where users once expressed their individuality have evolved as businesses have realized the power of digital and social media to shape opinions, build brand awareness and deliver real bottom-line results.  So it was inevitable that questions about compliance and ownership of social media would become an issue as more and more people began using their expertise, contacts, and networks as part of their career – not simply their personal life.

Regulators in some industries, such as financial services, have said that there is no difference between personal and professional use of the Web.  That has all sorts of implications that will affect nearly every business and professional.  This webinar offers insights and tools for any business that needs to balance  the need to comply with regulations and the need to empower employees and create a work environment that attracts and keeps the best talent.

The panelists will explore whether or not there is a line between personal and professional use of social media — and if there is one, exactly how to identify it. 

Edgar Rodriguez, Executive Vice President, Distribion, Inc.
Chad Bokius, CEO, Socialware
Stephen Selby, Director of Regulatory Services, LIMRA

Who should attend:  Marketing, Compliance, HR, Legal, and PR executives in Financial Services, Insurance, Health Care, Pharmaceutical, and other regulated industries considering, managing, or implementing a digital (web, email) or social media marketing program.

When:  Thursday, July 14, 11 a.m.-noon

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