Fox News Features The Distributed Marketing Blog

by | Jun 30, 2011 | Blog, Blog Archive | 0 comments

Fox News featured The Distributed Marketing Blog in today’s “Fox Business” online report.  In a story titled:  When it Comes to Social Media, How Much is Too Much?, Fox Business reporter Jeffrey Gangemi interviewed the blog’s editor and reported on the widespread response to a recent blog post that “went viral” and was picked up by many publications around the world.

Gangemi wrote, “Using a service called MyPRGenie, Holland sent out a press release with the title ‘Who Owns Your LinkedIn Profile? Hint: It Might Not Be You.’  Thanks to its catchy title and visibility to key stakeholders in the social-media sphere, the piece was picked up by PC World, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and ComputerWorld, just to name a few.”