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How many tasks do you juggle every day? As a marketer and business pro, you’ve learned to manage multiple projects at once. Not to mention all of the other responsibilities that you encounter long after the workday ends and you leave the office, like picking up the kids from school or cooking dinner for the family.

A consistent message from start to finish

If you’re in an industry with a distributed, or local, business model (like finance, insurance, franchising or hospitality, to name but a few), then corporate marketing can craft the perfect message but must rely on independent sales agents, local producers, franchises or properties to connect with their local consumers to sell that message and build a customer base.

If this sounds like your day-to-day, it could be time to consider a distributed marketing automation platform. You juggle so many other things; take a little off your plate and have one simple platform to manage your corporate marketing initiatives and give your local sales teams access to customized, personalized marketing campaigns with a lot less effort.

Making approved content relevant

A distributed marketing platform is ideal for corporate marketers communicating and supporting their local agents with approved content that is permission-based and consistent with the brand identity, corporate messaging and legal compliance. More than mere generic marketing automation software, a distributed platform is your all-in-one solution to take corporate marketing campaigns (including training and educational materials) and tweak the message specifically to every local agent automatically in a few simple steps. No need to personalize hundreds or thousands of messages individually any longer!

Personalizing the message

Now that you know… distributed marketing automation is the best way for organizations in need of delivering a compliant and consistent marketing campaign, but who are the top performing providers and how do they match up?

We’ve evaluated top providers of SaaS, cloud-based distributed marketing communications software and compiled a one-page guide to help you make the best decision for your organization.

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