Getting a Quick Start: Evaluating With Your Own Campaigns

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The idea of trying your marketing platform with one of my marketing campaigns just makes the evaluation process that much easier.” AVP of Sales Distribution

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It makes sense to check for a good fit.

One of the many advantages of the Quick Start program is that a company has the opportunity to evaluate what the Distribion platform can do for them. Marketing initiatives do not exist in a separate domain with no connection to the outside world. What happens within the marketing function has a material impact on the company as a whole. It has been said that marketing is the lifeblood of any organization. It is a statement that I certainly agree with, and seeing the real world impact of a marketing initiative is something that is beneficial to a rather wide range of organizations.

Not all of Distribion’s clients have the intention of using the software in the exact same way. Each company has their own individual needs that they would plan to use the software to address. What is universal is the goal that each and every potential client that evaluates Distribion with. Clients engage in an evaluation process with us because they would like to affect some sort of meaningful change within their organization. If Distribion is able to help them achieve what they desire to achieve, the organization is much more likely to view Distribion favorably and make a longer term commitment to the platform.

A short term trial of 90 days serves as an extended test drive. Over a 90 day period, it is possible to see how can the platform can have material impact. Because the platform software is comprehensive, there are a lot of functions that it can be used for. Some organizations will use more features right away through a multi-channel approach, and some will see how the platform can be used in a single channel before moving into other channels. Sometimes, a organization doesn’t have a robust presence in a particular channel (ie social media), and may choose to use the platform to gain a foothold in that particular channel. Whatever the goal the may be, an extended trial allows for extended evaluation, and an extended evaluation period does allow for greater certainty in decision making, in committing organizational resources to a platform. Making a decision that is a right for a company is crucial to their own success, and as a corollary, their own perception of the value of Distribion.