Keeping Up with Social Media As It Evolves, Changes

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Social media is evolving, changing, and growing every day.  Even seasoned marketers who’ve been involved in social and digital marketing since the beginning have trouble keeping up with the fast pace and new opportunities it presents.

That’s why webcasts like the presentation from Distribion, LIMRA, and Socialware are important, regardless of how successful your current social media marketing efforts are. 

Here’s a summary of the jam-packed webcast:

 The 5W’s of Social Media Marketing

    • How they evolved & why they’re different than what you learned in college
      • Why, who, what, where, when:  the 5W’s
      • Why? Word of mouse replaced word of mouth
        • Social PAIRS
      • Who: Talking DIrty 
        • Digital Influence: Who has it & how do you get it?
      • What: Channels shape messages
      • Where:  Customers choose channels
        • More than the “Big 4”
        • Private forums that aren’t
      • When:  Interaction at Internet speed
        • Email & Social Media: The new adult homework
        • Best times to reach customers by channel
      • How marketing automation sets the stage for effective multi-channel marketing
  • The 3R’s of the 5W’s:  Where compliance meets marketing
    • How to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time – without compliance headaches
    • Generosity:  Social media isn’t about “me”
  • Branding has evolved – how & why
    • Social media basics:  POST
    • Moving from social media to social business
    • Are you talking at your audience – or with them?
  • Why financial advisors are using social media
    • Preview of Socialware’s 2011 survey
  • Social’s impact on SEO
  • The social media lifecycle
    • Practical steps to social engagement
    • Social business management from Socialware

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The recording is now available to view on demand by clicking here

The presentation, which includes additional details, links, and speaker’s notes, is now available for download by clicking here.