LIMRA Selects Distribion Multi-Channel Distributed Marketing Platform

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LIMRA selecting Distribion's platform for its multi-channel marketing needs is a significant accomplishment for Distribion.

LIMRA selecting Distribion’s platform for its multi-channel marketing needs is a significant accomplishment for Distribion.

Distribion is proud to announce that LIMRA has selected our multi-channel, automated distributed marketing platform to support its marketing efforts throughout its organization. LIMRA, a global research, consulting and professional development organization, is the trusted source of industry knowledge, helping more than 850 insurance and financial services companies in 73 countries increase their marketing and distribution effectiveness. The fact that a company of LIMRA’s stature chose to use the Distribion Distributed Marketing Platform to support marketing efforts throughout the organization speaks volumes to the capabilities of the platform.

Distribion and LIMRA have been working together to help insurance and financial services companies harness the power of technology to solve the marketing challenges they face as competition intensifies for consumers’ attention since February 2012, when Distribion was named a LIMRA Strategic Partner. LIMRA’s decision to choose Distribion’s multi-channel platform broadens and deepens the existing relationship.

Distribion has been a regular exhibitor at LIMRA-sponsored events over the past year and a half. Distribion will also be an exhibitor at the LIMRA LOMA Social Media Conference for Financial Services, an event being held at the Hyatt Regency in Boston, MA from August 21-23.

Since the upcoming event will be social media focused, the social media module of the Distribion will be on display. Not only does Distribion’s social media module feature robust capabilities, the platform is also able to create significant outcomes in channels besides social media. Social media is an important channel, but other digital marketing channels, such as email, are outpacing social media in actually enabling the creation of sales. That doesn’t discount the importance of social media in the sales process. The sales process is a multi-channel process and Distribion’s platform is a leading edge multi-channel platform, particularly in the regulated space of the financial services industry. One of the key features of the Distribion platform within the financial service industry is that the system is entirely permission based, putting regulatory compliance safeguards into place while enhancing brand awareness and positive brand beliefs that induce purchase, enabling business growth while significantly reducing the risk of FINRA fines.

With the importance of using multiple communication channels to make a marketing impact, LIMRA’s decision to use the Distribion platform to support its marketing needs throughout the organization is a testament to the capabilities of the platform within the financial services industry. The Distribion Distributed Marketing Platform delivers increased marketing efficiencies and revenues, while reducing operational costs, and maintaining brand and regulatory compliance, vital needs for the financial services industry.