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From Fender-Bender to Paying Customer

After a rough telephone encounter with my insurance agent and a costly fender-bender, I decided it was time to switch car insurance providers. Since I’m not a whiz at understanding insurance jargon, I knew I wanted to meet with an agent in-person so they could answer my questions rather than buying a policy online or deal with another stressful conversation over the phone. To kill two birds with one stone while out running errands, I pulled out my smartphone and searched “car insurance.” An overabundance of national providers filled my screen, and I quickly found a local office near my location.

I drove to that insurance agent’s office and purchased a new policy just a few hours later.

Who received my business that day? The company with a local landing page that directed me to their nearby location. Who missed out? The companies that only had links to their national website.

It’s no surprise landing pages are important.  After all, according to MarketingSherpa, 48% of marketers build a new landing page for each marketing campaign. Landing pages are key to acquiring customers, especially at a local level (just ask my new insurance agent). Many organizations put considerable effort into making sure their websites reach and entice as many potential clients as possible through A|B testing, beautiful images and interesting content; however, most organizations still fall short by neglecting their local landing pages.

Localizing the World Wide Web

Being able to reach potential clients on the local level is of particular importance to national brands, like my new car insurer, that use a distributed marketing model. In this model, national brands distribute corporately-approved marketing material to their local branches to help them effectively reach potential customers in their area. Companies with local agent offices depend on developing business opportunities on the local level.

This is where the importance of local landing pages come in.

With many mobile users utilizing search engines and GPS programs like Google maps to find businesses close to them, having a landing page on a company website for a local office in a location convenient for the user is key to capturing that user as a client.

Yes, having a great national website is important. But, for brands using the distributed marketing model, having localized landing pages is essential to maximizing your conversions and capturing the attention of the buyer just down the street.


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About the Author

Will Bedford is a Dallas native and marketing intern at Distribion. He’s currently studying economics at the University of Texas at Arlington and has thoroughly enjoyed applying his education to his internship at Distribion. In his free time he loves traveling, roller coasters, and going to comedy shows.