DAM Compliance: Using software to minimize compliance hassles

by | Mar 30, 2011 | Best Practices, Blog, Blog Archive | 0 comments

Digital marketing has forever changed the way companies communicate with employees, resellers and partners, prospects, and customers. It’s faster, more personal, and less expensive than ever before.

With digital marketing assets, it’s possible for corporate marketing to create the campaign, and allow local marketing teams (franchise owners, field sales, independent agents and resellers, brokers – anyone who sells the company’s products or services) to personalize or customize it with just a few mouse clicks.

That flexibility comes with a whole new set of corporate compliance headaches. Luckily, a Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution can streamline the process and enforce brand and regulatory standards across multiple communications channels.

A new white paper explains what a DAM solution can do – and what it can’t. (Digital asset management is just one component of the Distribion Distributed Marketing Platform, so Distribion customers get access to a complete marketing automation management system, including DAM.) The white paper features the insights of industry analyst and commentator David Coursey, co-author of The Customer Never Sleeps: 21st Century Marketing that Works in the Age of Google.

Coursey says, “Companies who aren’t shifting their marketing spending and effort to the local level are missing out on the single most powerful weapon in their marketing arsenal.” In the free white paper, you’ll get an overview of the technology, plus step-by-step guidance on using a DAM solution to enforce brand and regulatory standards across multiple communications channels.

Get your copy now.