Marketing Technology 2011: 51% Hunger for a Solution

by | Jun 27, 2011 | Blog, Blog Archive | 0 comments

Back in February, Forrester analyst Suresh Vittal published a report titled Marketing Technology Adoption 2011.  With his usual thoroughness,  Vittal documented the kinds of technology that marketers are using in detail.  More importantly, he documented a sad truth:  51% of large companies admit that they are still behind the curve when it comes to using technology to streamline complex marketing processes.

It’s worth the cost of purchasing the complete report if your company is considering a technology solution for 2011, especially if you believe that your company would fall into one of these two categories defined by Forrester:

  • Average adopters:  “Not very aggressive; we adopt technologies in line with trends in our industry.”
  • Laggards:  “Not at all aggressive; we only adopt tried-and-true technologies.”

The sad thing about that is that most of the tools included in a comprehensive marketing automation platform are tried-and-true.  What’s cutting edge is the advantage marketers can get by using them as part of a comprehensive technology solution that links the marketing communications process directly to reporting, compliance, internal communications, and distributing marketing assets to field/local sales and marketing.

The efficiency that comes with a seamless digital asset manager, marketing asset manager, sales portal, analytics, CRM, and marketing automation solution allows every link in the marketing communications chain to focus on what they do best, be it selling, creating, or managing the process.  Compliance — with brand standards, corporate policy, and the patchwork of state and federal regulations that most companies face — is also assured when you have “single click” updates, corrections, and approvals.

The Forrester survey concludes that there is a deep divide within marketing and customer intelligence professionals.  Vittal wrote, “Old issues continue to fester — a lack of a centralized view of customers and insufficient measurement limit marketing programs.  CI Professionals hunger for marketing technology as mobile, optimization, and campaign management remain popular choices.”