Motorists Life Insurance Company Teams with Distribion to Streamline Marketing Efforts

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Motorists Life is using the Distribion platform to refresh its brand.

Motorists Life Insurance Company, a life insurance carrier with more than $6 billion worth of policies, uses Distribion’s multi-channel, distributed marketing automation software platform to help boost sales and marketing results.

Jamie Kibler, Assistant Vice President-Sales of Motorists Life said “Distribion is enhancing our brand, every single day, every single way.”

The partnership began when Motorists Life decided to refresh its sales and marketing communication efforts. Measurement and analytics of sales and marketing efforts were key initiatives for Motorists Life.

Distribion provided a way to communicate through an easy-to-use marketing asset management feature. This enabled Motorists Life to easily manage, optimize and distribute the significant amount of marketing collateral it uses to support customized sales efforts in 16 states. The Distribion platform enabled Motorists Life to enhance its efforts in direct mail and print, and helped the company use more digital marketing channels. Motorists Life knows that strengthening digital marketing efforts is crucial to staying connected to its target audiences. The digital strategy included e-newsletters, microsites and improved internal and channel partner communication.

One of the aspects that appealed most to Motorists was Distribion’s Quick Start program, a 90 day, limited cost pilot program with no long term commitment. Over the course of 90 days, Motorists was pleased with the outcomes they observed and decided to continue working with Distribion over an extended period of time.

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