Multi-Channel Distributed Marketing Automation Leader, Distribion, Offers Compelling Research Highlighting the Need for Distributed Marketing Technology for Marketing Organizations

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Originally published on PRNewswire September 19, 2012

Dallas, Texas (September 19, 2012) — This week, executives Distribion, Inc., a leading provider of multi-channel distributed marketing automation, unveiled a compelling infographic that illustrates why marketing and sales organizations must embrace distributed marketing technologies in order to thrive in today’s hyper-connected marketplace. Their study confirms independent research cited by leading analysts from Forrester, Aberdeen, Forbes, and Gleanster, and references the fact that 70% of CMO’s admittedly feel unprepared to manage the explosion of marketing data, and lack of performance insight. For these CMO’s, distributed marketing platforms are becoming the critical key to centralizing, leveraging, and measuring content distribution across numerous communications channels.

Distribion’s infographic reveals that content distribution is a critical challenge for marketers given the proliferation of marketing channels and devices; similarly, as marketers fight for consumer mindshare, content marketing automation is key to engaging consumers.

According to Tim Storer, CEO of Distribion, “The topic of distributed marketing is becoming increasingly popular as the pain marketers experience with managing, optimizing and distributing content across many channels, and throughout their networks, intensifies.”

The research also cites that compliance continues to be a crucial component for enterprises that operate in regulated environments, stating that organizations without a distributed marketing platform are at a huge disadvantage. According to Sutherland Global Services, by the end of 2012, a 15% increase in fines will be handed down by FINRA with marketing and advertising related violations up a staggering 344%.

“The bottom line, is that everyone under the brand umbrella needs to be plugged in,” says Storer. “With more than 34 million workers ignoring company policies and operating outside of corporate marketing standards just so they can do their job, it’s no wonder they feel powerless and overwhelmed. By centralizing all communications, organizations can drastically improve efficiencies, optimize distribution, ensure brand and regulatory compliance, gain better insight through a larger aggregated data set, and make more informed decisions.”

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