Multi-channel Marketing & Producer Enablement: How Distribion Delivers Measurable Value

by | Jul 28, 2011 | White Papers | 0 comments


How do you make a business case for spending on marketing automation tools? With realistic projections of the cost savings, performance improvements, and revenue you can realize by streamlining the complex process of multi-channel distributed marketing.

Where do you get the metrics you need to build your business case for a marketing automation budget? Right here. At Distribion, we’ve been working with leading companies for years, and we’ve developed a series of pro forma assessments that will help you build a rock-solid business case for your marketing automation budget.  We’ll help you identify specific results that your organization can achieve based on your current marketing process and structure.

The digital flip book we’ve produced is the first step in the process determining whether marketing automation tools can deliver the results you want. It will outline our approach, and show the four areas where our existing customers have achieved measurable results – along with a summary of some of those results.

Take a look at it today – it’s not your typical marketing document that claims to show how one brand of marketing software can solve all of your problems. Sure, there’s an overview of our marketing automation tools and how they work, but the focus is on how you can create your own pro forma model to quickly outline a value proposition that makes it easy for management to understand and approve a budget request when you’re ready for a solution to streamline the process and enforce brand and regulatory standards across multiple communications channels.

This document was created with certain types of distributed multi-channel marketing organizations in regulated industries in mind, and it isn’t appropriate for small businesses, agencies, or consulting firms.  But if you work in insurance, financial services, biopharmaceuticals or another highly regulated industries, request your copy now.