Last Fall, one of Distribion’s big marketing pieces was an infographic simply named The Rise of Distributed Marketing. 8 months later, news coming out of the multichannel marketing automation sector is still positive. Recently, Gartner released data indicating that marketing automation software will achieve 11% growth this year. Various other statistics have indicated extended periods of growth over the next 4-5 years in the category.

Part of the reason why this growth is occurring is because organizations are realizing that they are at a disadvantage without using this type of technology.  Many of the challenges that are commonplace in organizations that use a distributed marketing model face are applicable to almost all large enterprises. Most of these companies have huge content optimization, management and distribution problems.

Technological innovation and permeation is driving the change and realization of the importance of marketing automation software. Today, companies need to have their marketing message available to their target markets in more channels than ever. The process of managing content across channels for any organization is become more challenging, and without the use of a multichannel marketing automation solution, the pain intensifies. Meanwhile, with the vast uncertainty in the economic picture in recent years, the marketplace for many brands has become more competitive than ever. Advantages gained through leveraging technological solutions to manage and master digital and mobile marketing channels become items marketers demand if they wish to become top performers. After all, Gleanster has noted that organizations using a distributed marketing automation platform are 7 times more likely to be regarded as Top Performers. If there is a option out there that produces those sorts of results, it is a good idea for companies to engage with this type of web based (SaaS) software.

One of the key advantages of a multichannel marketing automation solution is that it is able to accomplish many things. At the same time, not all clients have the same needs and also would have the need for a solution that does so much. Many times, clients come to us seeking a point solution in 1-2 different categories within the marketing communication mix as opposed to be innumerable items that can accomplished with the platform. We have customized to more scaled down needs as opposed to more comprehensive needs. We realize that the features that matter most are not necessarily the ones we think matter the most, but rather the ones that each specific client matters most to them. Each sales process enables us to see things from slightly different points of view, as each company has unique needs.

The present time is exciting from the perspective of a marketing automation software provider, and things look to get even more exciting in the future.