New Research on Driving Revenue via Email

by | Jul 7, 2012 | Blog, Blog Archive, Industry News | 0 comments

Gleanster Research recently published a new report titled Deep Dive:  Email Marketing in the Distributed Enterprise.  A PDF of the entire report is available for free download, but here are five email marketing best practices for marketers who work in companies with a distributed marketing model.

  1. In a study that showed that 76% of marketers use 3 or more technology solutions, top performers were twice as likely as everyone else to use a central marketing platform that manages email marketing best practices for corporate and local/partner campaigns.
  2. “Internal” communication — between corporate marketing and the “external” distributed marketing and sales channel (dealers, resellers, partners, wholesalers, local and branch offices, captive or independent sales teams or producers) — is the #1 value driver for increasing revenue, with top performers 12 times as likely as everyone else in the Gleanster survey to have staff members charged specifically with communicating, training, and motivating the sales channel to use corporate marketing materials.
  3. Email is still the primary outbound communications tool for nine out of 10 marketing organizations surveyed, followed by web and print.  Social media and other channels trailed in adoption among the companies surveyed.
  4. Developing marketing systems that support the distribution channel was a key factor in improved results for top performers.  62% of them, in fact, said that their centralized brand marketing system was a key factor in their success — nearly five times as many as those in the lower-performing groups.
  5. 76% of the top performers practice email marketing “glocalization” — that is allowing local sales and marketing teams, including channel partners and dealers — to personalize and customize corporate marketing resources for their own campaigns.

To get your copy of the complete report, click here.  For more information on glocalization and how distributed marketers can adopt some of these strategies to drive revenue in their own organizations, download the presentation deck from last week’s webinar on Distributed Marketing Best Practices.  The webinar includes email marketing glocalization tips, best practices, and research on how B2B and B2C companies are marketing best practices to achieve measurable results.