Newest Gleanster Research Highlights Value of Distributed Marketing Management Software

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Gleanster recently released research regarding the importance of multi-channel, distributed marketing software. The report contained many great statistics, and we’ve shared some of them on our various social media pages.

These statistics speak volumes about the relevance of the distributed marketing model and the impact of distributed marketing software.

  • Top Performers are 7 times more likely than Everyone Else to invest in centralized, multi-channel marketing tools across corporate & regional marketing.
  • Top Performers are 8 times less likely than Everyone Else to rank brand consistency as a top challenge.
  • 74% of Top Performers note Personalization across all brand communication as a top challenge.
  • 96% of Top Performers used or planned to use centralized campaign management platforms for corporate and local marketing execution. 45% currently using & 51% planning to use.
  • 87% of all respondents indicated their organization’s customer experience had “room for improvement”.

All of these statistics have merit. I think that any company would aspire to be a top performing company. When there’s a step you can take to be 7 times more likely to be classified as being a Top Performer, it is a very good step to take. It is easier said than done, but taking the steps to get to that point are crucial and require organizational commitment (though our Quick Start program alleviates the commitment pain).

Consistency is key in branding. In past corporate blog posts that I have written, I’ve emphasized consistency. Coca-Cola is an example of a brand that I have cited in past blogs as a brand that exemplifies consistency. Consistency is even more essential in distributed marketing model organizations due to the highly regulated nature of the industries where they are found. Due to high levels of regulation, there can be fines if certain components of consistency are not followed. Distributed marketing automation solutions come with templates that are configured that can define and maintain the essence of a brand. The look and feel of a brand impact the perception of it. Perception is everything in marketing.

Perception ties into customer experience. Now more than ever, customers are seeking an experience that delights and delightful experiences can spread through the social media sphere. If positive word of mouth spreads digitally, that makes brand management much easier. Marketing automation solutions are a part of creating those experiences.

In distributed organizations, personalization matters because there are sales forces that make sales locally. These product categories are marketed differently than fast moving consumer goods found in supermarket type environments. However, a central feel matters to these brands, just as it matters to brands in fast moving consumer goods. The balancing act of customization to local markets while maintaining centralized brand management is a challenge, and it is being realized. Addressing this balancing act is a central component to a multi-channel distributed marketing automation solution.


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