Record Thanksgiving for Online Sales

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Several big-name stores decided to open their doors on Thanksgiving this year, but shoppers declared their preference for shopping online instead of braving the crowds. According to the first round of data released, online sales rose significantly from Thanksgiving 2012, with mobile devices as the biggest drivers. advantages-of-online-shopping

Adobe Digital measured an increase of 18% in spending on Thanksgiving Day compared to last year, with online sales surpassing the $1 billion mark for the first time ever. Black Friday saw an even larger 30% increase over last year, with sales reaching $2 billion.

During Thanksgiving and Black Friday, almost a quarter (24%) of purchases were made with a smartphone or tablet. Traffic from tablets rose 47% over last year, but smartphones weren’t far behind with an increase of 37%. Adobe speculates that retailers’ investments in responsive websites and emails, which are easy to view on a small screen, are to credit for the growth.

The clear winner for referrals was social media, which generated 39% more traffic this year during Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

The first day of Hanukkah fell on Thanksgiving this year, so perhaps shoppers felt a double dose of goodwill on the holiday. Or maybe mobile-responsive websites made it easier to secretly shop from iPhones hidden under the table. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that online sales are on track to set records over the whole holiday season.

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