Research Indicates Importance of Distributed Marketing Management Software

by | Mar 21, 2013 | Best Practices, Blog, Blog Archive, Industry News | 0 comments

Content distribution is a key concern for marketers. Recent research from Gleanster and the CMO Council has reinforced this notion. For instance:

  • A significant percentage of companies are having difficulty finding balance between corporate marketing and local marketing efforts. Recent research from Gleanster noted that 93% of distributed marketing organizations cited the conflicting needs of local marketers and corporate marketing as one of the biggest challenges. CMO Council data indicates that 61% of marketers they surveyed felt that local customization of content would be a high priority during 2013. 
  • Use of technology has corporate & local marketers at odds. Separate technologies being used at the corporate & local levels creates marketing inefficiencies that often put a drag on marketing outcomes. In highly regulated industries, too much local level customization can cause brand compliance issues, which can have monetary consequences. 
  • Use of distributed marketing management software is a crucial factor for top performers. Gleanster observed that top performing companies were 7 times more likely to be utilizing distributed marketing management software.

These findings have not surprised Distribion. CEO Tim Storer said:

“Organizations have a huge content management and distribution challenge due to the proliferation of marketing channels. What we offer is a solution that streamlines and optimizes the marketing distribution process, maintains brand and corporate messaging requirements and provides valuable insight into all marketing activities.”

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