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Here at Distribion, we’re always looking for new ways to make a marketer’s job easier and more enjoyable. We spend hours, weeks, even years researching and developing solutions to streamline the campaign process and optimize results. During that time, we have come to realize that any solution that will be the secret to our marketing success must encompass the three major objectives of marketing: Manage. Engage. Measure.

Manage your content

Every marketing team needs a central, single location to house all your marketing assets where you can easily access and share. Where are you storing the amazing pieces you have created? In the cloud? On a company server? How are you sharing your collateral with local sales and marketing teams, units or agencies? Owning one center where everyone can access the same materials will decrease compliance issues and increase brand consistency.

What should you consider when deciding on a collateral management system?
  • collateral storage
  • lead management
  • compliance support
  • third party integration
  • sales education center

Engage your contacts

Are you sending emails into a black hole? I think marketers can agree that designing a 360 degree marketing strategy across all key communication channels is the best way to ensure your message is reaching the right consumer at the right time with the right channel. Using a marketing automation system that covers all of these channels helps reduce the likelihood of fragmented technology and inconsistent messaging.

What will help you engage your contacts fully?
  • full marketing automation
  • triggered messaging
  • multi-channel campaign bundling
  • email, social, online and print functionality

 Measure your impact

Are you tracking a campaign from start to finish in each and every channel you’re using? If you’re not looking at the ROI of each campaign, how do you know what’s working, and what’s not? Use accurate reporting tools for each communication channel to understand the full impact of your marketing campaigns.

What will you get out of enhanced reporting tools?
  • increased visibility
  • performance tracking
  • ROI assessment
  • collect market intelligence

Finding Your Success

To truly find marketing success, a company should at least consider a marketing automation platform to streamline. Interested in learning more about marketing automation solutions and how your brand and bottom line could benefit? Click here for a brief video introduction to the world of marketing automation, and start thinking about all the awesome, integrated campaigns you’ll be running soon!


About The Author

Courtney Todd brings over ten years marketing and communications experience to her role at Distribion. She specializes in B2B marketing and has worked in a range of industries including technology, luxury furniture manufacturing and healthcare. She holds an MFA from Columbia University in New York and a BA from Southern Methodist University in Dallas. Connect with Courtney on LinkedIn and Twitter.