Quick Start Program

Want to sell more while building the case for marketing automation?

Now you can.

We’ll set up the industry’s leading multi-channel distributed marketing automation solution for you, risk-free. We call it the Quick Start Program, and it’s the best way ever to build a business case for marketing automation while delivering measurable results.

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Picking the Quick Start Option

With Quick Start, we’ll create a branded Distributed Marketing Platform customized for your marketing and sales teams. We’ll waive the set up cost, and make you an offer on managed services that include an initial analysis of your materials and processes.

  • How do you handle collateral & campaigns today?
  • What marketing and sales tools are you using?
  • Who supports marketing initiatives now?
  • What measurable results can we deliver for you?
  • What are your current sources for prospect data?
  • What integration opportunities can improve marketing efficiencies?

Whether you’re educating, training, and persuading your sales channel (independent or captive agents, wholesalers, VARs, and other resellers) or allowing your channel partners to use the platform to deliver your messages to their customers, you’ll find that our proven 1-2-3-4 methodology saves time and money, and increases revenue.

How the Quick Start Program Works

After the assessment, we’ll move quickly to take your existing collateral (or create new campaign materials if you prefer) and turn it into optimized multi-channel campaign templates that you can begin using for acquisition (book building) or cross-sell (account rounding) campaigns that will clearly demonstrate the value of the Distribion multi-channel distributed marketing automation solution. You can add customer retention, win-back, or channel education options as well.

The Quick Start Program also includes our managed services to help with:

  • Campaign execution and monitoring
  • Training for administrators and users
  • Campaign analysis and KPI reporting
  • Ongoing user support
  • Add-on services: data, data modeling, creative, A/B testing

Quick Start programs typically last 90 days from planning to completion.

  • Deliver measurable results fast
  • Gather the data for the business case to convert from a Quick Start or pilot to full deployment

At the end of the program, you can walk (or skate) away with no further obligation — but so far, no one has. Because once they start leveraging the Distribion distributed marketing platform, they don’t want to go back to the slow, manual processes they had before.

Click here to get the program started.