The Definitive List of Marketing Automation Providers

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The roots to automation have been around long before now and even long before Henry Ford, who revolutionized automation for automobiles, applied the concept into his assembly process. The idea is simple: minimize the time and labor so that the output can increase. For Ford, the factories were designed so that there would be a designated staging area complete with a different set of workers at every stage of the car-building process.

Just as Ford automated the automobile industry, our top marketing platforms have automated our industry. Certain platforms now have the ability to customize each step of your campaigns to increase marketing efficiencies, connect with customers and see a higher ROI. Marketing automation facilitates brand initiatives through email marketing, dynamic landing page content, social media, triggered campaigns and much more.

Does your marketing strategy include automation?

If not, you may not be capitalizing on your time and efforts to promote your brand. Marketing automation is a crucial stand-alone tool that complements your multi-channel marketing plan by efficiently streamlining tasks along the lifecycle of your campaign. Whether you are encouraging families to visit your local restaurant or flying them to remote locations halfway across the world through your travel company, marketing automation maximizes your efforts by creating efficient campaigns that flow from step-to-step.

We’ve assembled a list of the top marketing automation providers and listed them side-by-side with over 20 key features so you can compare for yourself.

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