The Fun Side of Distribion

by | Jul 22, 2013 | Blog, Blog Archive, Distributed Marketing | 0 comments

The Campbell Centre, a distinctive part of Dallas, is where Distribion’s office is located.

Those who follow this blog closely are aware that it typically provides thought provoking, substantive content about marketing topics as a whole, but specifically distributed marketing. Today, we’re going to take a moment to break away from that, and talk a little about some of the fun elements of our days working at a leading multichannel, distributed marketing organization. This will be a topic that is periodically revisited on the blog, as human interest stories are often perceived as a nice change. This is also us taking a moment to honor a theme of one of our earlier blog posts, espousing opportunities to show off the fun side of the brand.

One of the basic aspects of work is the physical environment. For Distribion, corporate headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas, on the 16th Floor of one of the two buildings that comprise the Campbell Centre. The Campbell Centre is a distinct part of the Dallas cityscape, as it features twin, gold colored towers.  The Campbell Centre might be familiar to fans of the 1980′s TV series “Dallas”. In the opening credits of the majority of seasons of “Dallas”, the towers of the Campbell Centre are prominently featured. Even in the new 2010s TNT version of “Dallas”, there’s a quick cutaway of the Campbell Centre. Not everyone can say that their office building was a part of the opening credits of a TV show!

Being up on the 16th Floor puts us moderately high in the sky, allowing us to have good views of a significant portion of Dallas. Panoramic views can change the course of a day. Sometimes just looking out the window can be a refreshing change of pace. Also, we can preview nearby traffic conditions.

Our conference room is the site of many crucial meetings, but also is the site of a lot of fun. In Spring 2013, it was where we filmed the Harlem Shake, as that the pop culture craze that was making waves. In quarterly company performance meetings, one of the traditions we have is for new employees who have joined during the quarter to talk about some of the unique features that make them who they are. I feel that this tradition is part of what helps build camaraderie around the organization.

The people are one of the things that make Distribion a special place to work. In any organization, the way in which various members communicate, share tasks and accomplish individual work within a team context is crucial to success. Interpersonal interactions are key. We know that we have work together to accomplish what we’ve set forth to accomplish but that doesn’t mean that we can’t really enjoy each other while we work to get there.

Over time, we’ll be giving more of a peek inside the walls of Distribion, so keep watching for posts in this series.