The Top 5 Apps You Must Download: Mobile Marketer Series

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What could a person learn about you from the apps on your phone? A quick glance at your phone might reveal that you’re a sports enthusiast, an amateur photographer, and a fan of talk radio podcasts. But would it reveal that you’re keeping up with marketing trends?

When smartphone owners, your mobile audience, are using an average of 24 apps a month, it’s important that you as a marketer are aware of app users’ patterns, habits, and trends. Download these five apps (your consumers are already using them!) to discover thought provoking content, share trending news, and stay connected with the audience’s shopping habits.


Here is our list of the top 5 apps to download.

1. G-Whizz

The plane lands, you turn your phone on (or out of “airplane mode”), and start opening various social media apps to see what you missed while you were jet-setting. Instead, try G-Whizz. It has all your beloved social media apps in just one easy-to-use interface. It’s definitely for Google lovers – the app comes equipped with access to your Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Maps, Calendar, Google Translate (ideal for travelers) and even your Google Drive!

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2. TuneIn Radio

Your high school football team made it to State. Congratulations! It’s too bad you are on a business trip across the country and won’t be able to watch the big game. At least you can listen to the local radio broadcast with TuneIn. The app is free and allows you to access the live streaming of hundreds of both local and international radio stations, no matter where you are located. A wide range of more than 50,000 radio stations dedicated to various categories like music, news, sports or current events are available to listen or record with this app. You can even broadcast your own content to TuneIn’s global audience of over 50 million monthly active users.

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3. Urban Spoon

Hungry, but in a new city with no idea about the local cuisine? Urban Spoon can help you find the right place for whatever you feel like eating or for taking out your clients to the hottest restaurant in town. The app can locally target restaurants based on neighborhoods in the area, price from “cheap eats – $” to “fine dining – $$$$,” and reviews from bloggers and critics. Narrow down your search by adding the type of cuisine or special features to the restaurant like their happy hour menus, karaoke, or free WIFI. Still not convinced? After you decide on the place, you can book your table online without having to find a phone number.

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4. Postagram

Everyone gets a little homesick sometimes. Whether you are far from home or just around the corner, Postagram transforms your iPhone, Instagram, Facebook & Dropbox photos into beautiful postcards delivered by mail to wherever home may be. Printed on thick, glossy photo postcards and personalized with a profile photo of the sender, Postagram is the perfect way to stay in touch.

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5. Concur

If you are like many business professionals that hate filling out expense reports, Concur is the app for you. It is an incredible tool that tracks your expenses on the go as if you had a personal assistant. The app does it all for you – manages itemized receipts, books airfare and hotel reservations, and even logs the miles you drive. This is a must-have app to ease you through even the most hectic of travel plans.

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The Bottom Line

Apps are changing the way we shop, run our lives, and consume media. Get on board with the 78% of retailers who plan to invest in mobile this year– according to eMarketer, the net US mobile ad revenue is projected to grow from $19 billion in 2014 to over $40 billion in 2016.

If your brand is not taking advantage of all of the various marketing channels your audience is already using, you could be missing out on opportunities to achieve greater success.


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