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The presidential race of 2012 seems so long ago now, but soon we will be right back in the political mix complete with lawn signs and negative TV ads from opposing candidates.  As the political climate heats up, camps will look to maximize their online reach with personalized social media and email campaigns. The political presence on the web is already palpable, with more than a year out from Election Day – and it will only accelerate from here.

Social Media Trends

“Elect in 2016” campaigns will be dominating social networks for good reason. A recent survey by the Pew Research Center highlights a major change in social media audience demographics from 2012 to 2014. The percentage of voting age adults who use Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and/or Twitter rose more than 34% in the past two years.

Popular POTUS

To put the online presence into perspective in the political realm, President @BarackObama has 58.6 million followers on Twitter and almost 43 million likes on Facebook. That means that the President’s impressive audience reach in just these two social networks is a whopping 100 million potential supporters.

Tumultuous Newsfeeds Ahead

New software will undoubtedly impact your social newsfeed. Throughout the election season, political camps can now use social media On Behalf Of technology to quickly get candidate-approved content out to not only their supporters, but their supporter’s networks of friends and followers.

OBO software allows a candidate’s camp to send out social media posts like rally information or views on legislation on behalf of any supporter who opts-in as a member of this digital sharing network.

Now imagine the current President’s campaign utilizing OBO technology to leverage the 100 million people that have either liked or follow his pages online. Just imagine if 10% of the President’s followers opt-in, and each one has just 50 followers. With one message, the President would grow his audience from the impressive 100 million to an incredible 500 million.

Now you can do the math with your candidate before Election Day. Learn more about Social Media On Behalf Of Marketing Technology today.

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